Website to Create CV

Website to Create CV

Website to Create CV – After graduating from school, some people immediately continue to a higher level, namely working and looking for a suitable office and according to their abilities. But before that, we have to apply for a job by making a CV.

Currently, there are many online sites that can help you create a CV with a design that suits your taste. Check out some websites to create free online CVs, which can make you attract HRD’s attention below!


The first website that can help you create an attractive CV is The templates provided by are minimalist in style and professionally designed.

You only need to edit for five minutes by filling in your data, then download your CV and it is ready to be sent to the recruiter. In addition, launching the official website, is also equipped with an automatic spell-checker feature.

Thus, this website will help you to improve grammar in writing a CV, especially an English CV.

2. Visual CV

Are you going to apply to an international company that has high credibility? This site can help you make your CV look formal and professional. The templates available in this Visual CV, mostly use a minimalist white background.

It also has a professional English text arrangement. Not only that, the advantage of Visual CV is that it can automatically enter personal data taken from your LinkedIn account.

3. Novoresume

When you are making a curriculum vitae, do you still doubt that your CV will attract HRD’s attention? Calm down and don’t worry! Novoresume can be an option to see what shortcomings are in your CV.

This site is equipped with an optimizer feature. It is he who will revise the lack of biodata that is considered crucial by the HRD assessment.

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4. Cuuveed

Still the same as other CV maker sites, Cuuved can help you create an attractive CV. The advantage of this website is that it can be directly integrated with LinkedIn. Not only that, this website also doubles as a portal for connecting job vacancies managed by

5. Zety

Zety is one site that can be used to create an attractive and professional CV. How not, citing the official website, Zety provides more than 20 of the best templates for creating CVs. Not only that, through this website you can also make a cover letter with the format provided.

If you are confused about making a CV or cover letter, don’t worry. Because, Zety provides a guide for beginners in making these two things.

In making it, you just choose a suitable template, then adjust it with your data.